Royal Group Petroleum (Activated)

Disruptions caused by the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia have dominated oil markets and spiked up prices and further driving governments to secure energy supplies from other regions.

Royal Group Petroleum is hoping to boost crude supply and help calm energy markets roiled by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

We wish to thank our partners for their continued support and trust in us. We are deeply committed to staying at the forefront of the petroleum industry. With our employees persistent drive for success, our management’s team extensive industry experience, our strong network with political, business, industry leaders around the world, and with our other competitive advantages firmly in place, Royal Group is well positioned for solid, sustainable growth. We are dedicated to transforming Royal Group Petroleum into a leading oil and gas company that has a strong presence around the world.

Royal Group Petroleum has been constantly exporting all major products in above fields to many countries and has established few more companies to facilitate the trade with our buyers.

Royal Group has become one of the reliable International supplier companies as exporter and importer dealing with different commodities in large volumes and build great trust relationship with all of our valuable buyers.

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